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LGBTIQA+ Multilingual Terminology Australia Resources
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Disclaimer: This terminology is still evolving, and new lingo emerges every day. As such, these resources may contradict one another, and they may provide definitions which are different to the ones we have used when creating our own glossary. They give you alternatives to explore, compare and use in order to gain an understanding of the many diverse nuances of meaning!

Chinese resources

Rainbow Flags


Our Resource

Bilingual LGBTIQA+ glossary with 139 terms in Chinese and English accompanied by definitions in Chinese



Bilingual LGBTQ vocabulary list with 151 terms in Traditional Chinese and English accompanied by audio pronunciation guides


Asian Health Services

Multilingual LGBTQ vocabulary list with 150 terms


Burmese - Chinese - English - Korean - Vietnamese


Gender in language project

Bilingual vocabulary list with 33 queer and trans terms in Simplified Chinese and English


Moscas De Colores

Bilingual glossary with 27 terms in Traditional Chinese accompanied by transliterations and explanations in English


National Pingtung University

Monolingual glossary with 26 terms and definitions in Traditional Chinese


(Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council)

Monolingual fact sheet with 7 key terms and definitions in Simplified Chinese

LGBTIQA+ Multilingual Terminology Australia

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